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Family Gift Bundle

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Hand-picked gifts by Ken & Mally Ham for your family and loved ones. A fun and faith-strenthening gift bundle for all ages to help you save time and money.

What’s Included $206 value

  • Creation Museum Ceramic Mug

    Whether you're remembering your trip to the Creation Museum, or hoping to visit one day, this colorful, ceramic mug is perfect for your favorite drink and makes an excellent gift too!

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  • Ark Sunset Journal

    This journal features a beautiful photo of the sun setting at the Ark Encounter. What a great reminder of God's covenant with us whether you're writing a letter, taking notes or making a list! Includes colorful softcover with spiral-bound lined pages.

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  • Oscar Kids Bear Puzzle in Tin

    Kids of all ages will enjoy piecing together this fun and brightly colored bear puzzle. The beautiful and sturdy tin displaying Oscar Nava's bear artwork will keep all the pieces safe for years to come. The Bear Kind educational facts are printed on side of tin.

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  • Wooden Ark Replica

    Based on conceptual art designs of Noah's ark, this wooden model is a great way to bring the Ark to life from the pages of Scripture! This 10 inch ark replica features a 12 inch base.

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  • Embossed Ark Encounter Travel Mugs

    Whether you're remembering your trip to the Ark Encounter, or hoping to visit one day, these fun travel mugs are insulated and ready for all of your hot or cold drinks. These make great gifts! 17 oz. capacity. Hot/cold. Insulated. Box included.

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  • Ark Encounter Cap - Navy

    The Ark Encounter Cap, embroidered with the official Ark Encounter logo, is a great conversation starter. Wear it and spread the word. Makes a great gift!

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  • Quick Answers to Social Issues

    The passion and purpose of this book is to equip you with clear, concise biblical answers to effectively stand on God’s Word and boldly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ on the frontlines of today’s battle!

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  • One Race, One Blood

    Ken Ham shows that the biblical worldview eliminates racism, and emphasizes the need for salvation for all people. This illustrated lecture covers both natural selection, and the genetic scientific data confirming that there are not multiple races, but one human race!

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  • Quick Answers to Tough Questions

    Don't have time to read a big manual? Get answers to tough questions fast! Excellent resource for teens and young adults.

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  • The Door of Salvation

    This fun book for kids teaches how the Ark had only one door that Noah's family and the animals could enter in to be saved from the flood. Our personal salvation is found through a single door as well, which is Jesus. Previously titled, "A Special Door."

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  • 7 C’s of History

    Do you know the seven key events of the Bible—from Creation to the second coming of Christ? Do you long for an easy-to-understand overview of the Bible that can be summarized in less than one hour? That is what the 7C’s of History DVD is all about.

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