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20 Pocket Guide Set

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  • Ages: Teens – Adults
  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis
  • Published: 2020
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We’ve taken all 20 of our extremely popular and color illustrated pocket guides—the perfect size for purse or glove box—and combined them with an unbelievably low price. Note: Additional discounts do not apply to this highly discounted pack.

What’s Included $160 value

  • The Tower of Babel Pocket Guide

    How is the biblical account of the tower of Babel described? Why were the people disobedient toward God? Did all ~7,000 languages today come out of Babel? How did those scattering from Babel travel? What should Christians take away from this event in history?

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  • UFOs & ETs Pocket Guide

    What are we to make of the many UFO sightings that have been reported? Have aliens visited earth? What does the Bible say about UFOs and ETs?

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  • Satan & the Serpent Pocket Guide

    Who is Satan? When was he created? When did he fall? Was Satan the serpent in the garden of Eden? Are there other fallen angels? What will become of Satan?

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  • Logic & Faith Pocket Guide

    Have you ever heard an argument that just didn’t seem right to you? Do you want to know how to recognize faulty arguments? Do you want to be equipped to defend your faith logically?

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  • Astronomy Pocket Guide

    Did the universe start with a big bang? Does distant starlight prove the universe is old? What are black holes and how do they form? Is the gospel written in the stars?

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  • Climate Change Pocket Guide

    What is the truth about climate change? Are the ice caps melting? Is man the chief cause of global warming? How does solar activity affect the earth’s climate? What should Christians do about climate change?

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  • Science vs. the Bible Pocket Guide

    Does science, by definition, have to be materialistic? Is there a difference between operational science and historical science? Does a belief in biblical creation help or hinder scientific inquiry? Have creation scientists made any successful predictions?

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  • Did God Create in Six Days? Pocket Guide

    Were the days of the creation account in Genesis 24-hour days or long periods of time? What did Jesus believe and teach about Genesis? How are we to interpret yom, the Hebrew word for day? Does one have to be a young-earth creationist to be saved?

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  • Is Atheism a Religion? Pocket Guide

    Is atheism a religion? Do atheists have a basis for morality? What are the logical results of an atheistic worldview? What are the goals and tactics of the “New Atheists”?

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  • Best Evidences Pocket Guide

    What is the best evidence for a young earth? What are presuppositions, and how do they figure into the age-of-the-earth debate? Haven’t scientists proven that the earth is old? What does an old earth say about the character of God?

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  • Should Christians Believe in an Old Earth? Pocket Guide

    Is there a time gap between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2? Were the days of creation really long ages? Can’t we just add evolution to the Bible? What’s so bad about believing in millions of years?

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  • The Human Body Pocket Guide

    How does the human body react to emergencies? Is the human eye really a bad design, as evolutionists like to point out? How is the human brain better than any supercomputer? What’s so amazing about skin and bones?

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  • Dinosaurs Pocket Guide

    What really happened to the dinosaurs? Did they live and then die out millions of years ago? Or have they lived recently, alongside man? Did dinosaurs evolve into birds? Are there dinosaurs alive today?

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  • Human Missing Links Pocket Guide

    Did humans evolve from apelike creatures? Have scientists found fossils of the missing link? Does the similarity between human and chimp DNA point to common ancestry?

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  • A Young Earth Pocket Guide

    Is the earth billions of years old or just thousands? Are radiometric methods of dating rocks and fossils reliable? What evidences support a young age for the earth?

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  • Evolution & Darwin Pocket Guide

    How did Charles Darwin come to believe in evolution? What is natural selection? Was Darwin converted to Christianity? Was Darwin right about evolution? What are the social outcomes of evolution?

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  • The Global Flood Pocket Guide

    Can we really believe the biblical account of a global flood? Is there evidence in the earth that confirms the biblical account? How was Grand Canyon formed? How did fossils of seashells get on the highest mountains?

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  • Noah’s Ark Pocket Guide

    Can we really believe the biblical account of Noah’s ark? How could it hold all those animals? How could Noah care for all of them? What did Noah’s ark look like? Has Noah’s ark been found? Why do different cultures have similar flood legends?

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  • The Bible Pocket Guide

    Why are there 66 books in the Bible? Who wrote the Bible? Is the Bible enough? Are there contradictions? Is it time for a new reformation? Why is a biblical worldview important?

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  • Social Issues Pocket Guide

    What does the Bible have to say about morality for today? What about stem cells, homosexuality, euthanasia, and racism? Huge social questions abound in today’s culture. Get answers based on the authority of God’s Word!

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