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Chimps and Humans

A Geneticist Discovers DNA Evidence that Challenges Evolution

Written by Jeffrey P. Tomkins
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  • Format: Hardcover
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  • Length: 192 pages
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  • Ages: Teens – Adults
  • Publisher: Institute for Creation Research
  • Published: 2021
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  • ISBN: 9781946246356
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Jeffrey P. Tomkins shows that not only are the human and chimp genomes not “almost identical,” they are much too dissimilar to make a common evolutionary ancestor at all plausible.


DNA Evidence That Challenges Evolution

Evolutionists frequently claim that human and chimp DNA is over 98% similar. They need this percentage to support their hypothesis that humans and chimps shared a common ancestor three to six million years ago. Based on known mutation rates, anything significantly less than a 98.5% similarity would destroy the entire theory.

But the more that DNA sequencing technologies improve, the worse it gets for the evolutionary paradigm. With a background in the field of genetics and genomics, Dr. Jeffrey Tomkins analyzes the data and discovers that secular scientists consistently tailor their research to fit the evolutionary narrative. He presents his own research demonstrating that instead of a 98+% similarity, human-chimp genome matches are about 84% - results that secular scientists are beginning to echo.

In Chimps and Humans: A Geneticist Discovers DNA Evidence That Challenges Evolution, Dr. Tomkins dismantles evolutionary assertions of a close human-chimp relationship and shows that not only are the human and chimp genomes not almost identical, they are too far apart to make a common evolutionary ancestor even remotely plausible. Christians have every reason to believe the Genesis assertion that God uniquely created humans in His own image around 6000 years ago.


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