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Intro to Astrophysics Curriculum Set

A Study of God's Universe from a Biblical Perspective

Written by Dr. Danny Faulkner
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  • Format: Softcover
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  • Grade: 11 - 12
  • Publisher: Master Books
  • Published: 2023
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The focus of this curriculum is on what is known as “astrophysics.” This goes a little deeper into how the universe began, how it works, and how things like black holes, dark matter, and gravity are used by God to sustain His creation.

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The Study of Astronomical Questions with an Emphasis on Principles of Modern Physics

The word “astronomy” comes from two Greek words — one that means “star” and the other that means “to arrange.” Thus, very literally, the word astronomy means “to arrange stars.”

  • Understand the nature of astronomy and astrophysics, focusing on the history of the Universe, from Earth to the furthest star
  • Discover details about our solar system, including the sun, the terrestrial and Jovian planets, as well as the small solar system bodies
  • Develop a creationist perspective regarding astrophysics

"The study of the planets and stars has a powerful purpose – its purpose is to bring us closer to God. Psalm 19:1 tells us that the heavens above declare God’s glory. Psalm 8:2-8 goes further in pointing out that even though we are very tiny compared to the universe, we are very special in God’s sight. Romans 1:18-20 builds upon this, arguing that the world around us demonstrates that God exists, and is very powerful so that men are without excuse." –Dr. Danny Faulkner (from Astrophysics: An Introduction)

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Dr. Danny Faulkner

Dr. Danny Faulkner

Dr. Danny Faulkner holds an MS in Physics from Clemson University and an MA and PhD in Astronomy from Indiana University and taught at the University of South Carolina Lancaster for over 26 years. He serves as editor of the Creation Research Society Quarterly and has published over 100 papers in various journals. He now works as a researcher, author, and speaker for Answers in Genesis.


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