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A Different View Pack

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These beautiful, full-color books give you insights from a biblical perspective.

What’s Included $66 value

  • The Heavens: A Different View

    The universe is so vast; it will take your breath away. Only an all-powerful, imaginative Creator could make something so immeasurable, complex, and orderly. The Heavens: A Different View gives us a glimpse of God’s majesty revealed in His creation.

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  • Galapagos Islands: A Different View

    Join author Dr. Georgia Purdom for an exciting adventure through the Galápagos Islands with this beautiful, full-color book. Gain new insights into the science and history of the islands from a biblical perspective!

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  • Grand Canyon: A Different View

    Whether gaping down the huge chasm from the rim, or navigating the Colorado River below, visitors to the Grand Canyon see a perspective that words can’t describe. In fact, perspective is the message of this wonderful story from nature. Visit this marvelous site yourself, through the photographs and essays in this book, and think about your own perspective.

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