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Elementary Geography and Cultures Curriculum Pack

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  • Format: Curriculum Kit
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  • Technicality: Layman
  • Grade: 4 - 6
  • Publisher: Master Books
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  • ISBN: 9780890518144
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A high-quality homeschool curriculum! Includes 2 books and an easy-to-follow teacher guide with worksheets, quizzes, tests, and other additional teaching helps. Books are Passport to the World and Children's Atlas to the World. This pack is complete with all you need to quickly and easily begin your education program today!

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Curriculum Pack Quick Overview

  • Weekly Lesson Schedule
  • Student Worksheets
  • Quizzes and Test
  • Answer Key
  • Passport to the World
  • Children's Atlas to the World

Elementary Geography and Cultures

  • 1 Year Social Studies
  • 4th-6th Grade

Features: Each suggested weekly homeschool schedule has three easy-to-manage lessons which combine reading, worksheets, and vocabulary-building opportunities including an expanded glossary for each book. Designed to allow your student to be independent, materials in this resource are divided by section so you can remove quizzes, tests, and answer keys before beginning the coursework. As always, you are encouraged to adjust the schedule and materials as needed in order to best work within your educational program.

Workflow: Students will read the pages in their book and then answer the questions at the end of each chapter. Tests are given at regular intervals.

Lesson Scheduling: Space is given for assignment dates. There is flexibility in scheduling. For example, the parent may opt for a M-W schedule rather than a M, W, F schedule. Each week listed has five days but due to vacations the school work week may not be M-F. Simply adapt the days to your school schedule. As the student completes each assignment, he/she should put an “X” in the box.

Course Description

Children will travel the world in the comfort of their own homes. Through this Elementary Geography & Cultures course, students experience a wondrous global journey within the pages of two God-honoring books, encountering places and people from around the world. These full-color visually engaging books provide a dual purpose as an elementary curriculum and as valued reference tools.

Passport to the World

Children will gain knowledge of intriguing facts about countries, including their capital cities, maps, flags, populations, and religions. Gathering stickers for their passport, readers learn greetings from 26 different languages, as well as interesting language tips as well. Discover various cultures and customs, and fill up the passport with stickers from the countries visited. You’ll learn that:

  • The language journey began just over 4,000 years ago at the Tower of Babel.
  • There is a huge slab of limestone in Bolivia that has some 5,000 dinosaur footprints.
  • A traditional Christmas Eve dinner in Lithuania includes 12 dishes, one for each of the Apostles.
  • All Bengali literature was rhymed verse if written before the 19th century.

Passport to the World creates a fun and fact-filled adventure students can share with others through interactive games included in the back of the book and in the passport provided.

Children's Atlas of God's World

The atlases that line the shelves of libraries and bookstores are filled with both evolutionary thought and secular worldviews. This atlas is packed with unique insights into Christian history makers and amazing landmarks. One will explore the design of ecosystems and biomes, great civilizations, and discoveries found around the world. This atlas glorifies God, explores His creation, and honors His followers around the world! You’ll learn about:

  • Amazing wonders of God's creation, including longest rivers, tallest mountains, and more.
  • Interesting factual details concerning Christian explorers, missionaries, and history makers.
  • Geographic features and how these were formed by the Flood, plus other details of God's amazing design.

Outline maps and facts regarding the seven continents are provided, as well as detailed maps and data of the featured countries. The comprehensive information provided for each focus country will bring to light their culture and traditions, holidays, exploration, legal system, and economic industries, as well as missionary accounts and other material to help children connect to people from regions around the globe.


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